SES (Suspension Enhancement System)

From the shores of Korea comes TTC Urethane Cushion Buffer.
It's a small automobile accessory that'll make all the difference to your drive. Designed to fit snugly in the coil spring of shock absorber. This enhances driving comfort, safety and makes your drive smooth....

1. Reduces impact and jerks on speed breakers, bumpy roads, pot holes and gives comfortable and fatigue less driving experience.

2. It enables stable turns and reduces leaning of your car when entering sharp curve.

3. Protects shock absorbers and enhances the performance of suspensions doubles the life of car shock absorbers.

4. On sudden brake, cushion buffer restrain your car from leaning forward, hence, improves braking performance.

5. TTC buffer is made of Urethane with special mix method which makes the product long lasting. Even after utilising for many years, the buffer does not loose it's shape and strength, thus, having long durability.


TTC Urethane Buffer is made from hi grade Urethane material with maximum flexibility and long life it can withstand weight of about 30 tons, it has capacity to squeeze 3.5 time of its original height and when released regains it original shape not like other cheap Chinese brand which are made from cheap plastic or rubber which is hard and becomes more hard after usage and damages the shock absorber's of the car.

Original Buffer drowns in water

Fake Buffer Floats in water

Original Buffer is Heavier than the fake Buffer by 30%

Original Buffer has very high flexibility with long life of about 5 to 7 years and fake Buffer is very hard and has short life less than a year

Original Buffer absorbs the shocks and protects the shock absorbers hence life of shock absorbers is doubled and fake Buffers block the springs of shock absorbers and all the pressure is bounced back on the whole system of car suspension system hence it reduces the life of by half of shock absorbers and give hard feeling while driving.

Original Buffer is value for money and fake Buffer is waste of money

Original Buffer gives comfort and improves braking, cornering whereas fake Buffer just blocks the springs and turns your vehicle back conventional leaf springs type.

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